Membership Payment & Automated Reminders
Centralised Membership Database
Automated Reporting Toolkit

What is it?

The system is primarily an online Registration processor that handles all aspects of annual Club Registration including payments, Servasport submissions and Membership Relationship Management. Detailed and customised reports are available on demand showing the latest Membership information and can be scheduled for email delivery weekly or monthly. Each Club is unique and our system is fully configurable to the specific needs of your Club.

How does it work?

Once you sign up to the system we will provide you with a webpage link that can be used on your existing/current website and social channels as well as newsletters or mailshots. When Members click on the link your customised Club Registration page will load and Members can either renew a previous Membership or register anew.  

How much does it cost?

The sign-up fee covers setup of the system is a one-time payment. Thereafter a small commission (5% flat rate) is deducted per registration. There are no other charges or fees, annualy or otherwise, once your Club has signed up. All development, upgrades, submissions, hosting, support & maintenance are covered by the commission fees.

What type of credit/debit cards work best?

All mainstream Credit/Debit Cards work with the system including but not limited to VISA/Mastercard/AMEX/Discovery. Our system offers maximum encryption and protection for registering Members and all of our sites feature SSL level end-to-end encryption as well as real-time fraud monitoring technology.

When does the Club receive the Membership fees?

Immediately. There is no escrow system, intermediary accounts or otherwise. Fees are deposited to your funds account and subsequently lodged to your specified Bank Account automatically. The Club Treasurer has direct control of the funds at all times and no other party is involved. Full audit and tracking facilities provide detailed payments and activities monitoring.

Can I import my existing Members?

Absolutely yes. We will take of all technical requirements of the Club ranging from initial import to synchronising your Member data to Servasport systems.

I have more questions!

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Accept VISA/Mastercard Payments
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