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The clubreg365 Club Membership Management System is a powerful cloud based infrastructure that significantly reduces the administrative overhead experienced during the annual Membership drive.

Capturing Registration information and payments is only the first step in empowering Club Committees to develop and expand their capabilities using accurate and up-to-date information. Communicate frequently with Club Members, generate accurate reports for Coaching and Treasury management. Build out text and email lists frequently with the latest data. Find out who is vetted and who is not quickly! Each Club can tailor the Management system to their individual requirements and obtain regular and frequent reports ahead of meetings and other important dates in the Club calendar. Powerful and easy to use clubreg365 is a powerful Club Membership Management tool and is frequently updated and continuously improved.

The system implements a secure and easy-to-use interface allowing Members to input their data or update from the previous year. The simple and secured payment system accepts most popular Credit and Debit Cards and Members can access their family information using a quick, secure and no fuss interface specifically designed for mobile deployment.

Talk to us today about streamlining your Club's Membership to;

  • Boost Membership Uptake Significantly
  • Increase Membership Revenue Income
  • Capture Accurate and Timely Data
  • Avail of Accurate Reports Frequently
  • Receive Free Software Updates Annually


Use these links below to see the Registration & Membership Management Systems in action.



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Accept VISA/Mastercard Payments
Simple & Secure Payment System
Direct Funds - No Escrow
Self-Service for Members
Automated Weekly Reminders
Simple Responsive Interface
Club Data Reporting
Automated Periodic Reports
Custom Reports Support